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Brent Coulson began drawing cartoons at a young age mainly to amuse himself when he tired of tormenting his younger sister Jan. However, he didn't begin seriously considering cartooning as a career until he realized he could amuse others as well. In the seventh grade he created a strip called Channel Nine Sports for his junior high newspaper before moving onto high school where he drew award-winning editorial cartoons and a strip called Bored of Education that ran simultaneously in his high school paper and the area's local newspaper.

While spending four years earning a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and minoring in Art History at James Madison University, Brent drew as many as four cartoons a week for the school newspaper The Breeze before self-syndicating his work to other college newspapers as well. A single-panel feature running under the title Verisimilitude was the best received of Brent's work and it soon evolved into Not Exactly Rocket Science.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from JMU, Brent put his Graphic Design degree to good use at a printing company and an internet start-up before settling into his current position as the art director of an advertising agency. He currently lives in Hanover, Pennsylvania with his wife Kristin. While Brent is still searching for a permanent syndication deal for Not Exactly Rocket Science, selected cartoons are being distributed throughout North America as part of King Features Syndicate's The New Breed, and the first paperback collection of NERS cartoons is available from Smirk Productions.

If you are interested in syndicating Not Exactly Rocket Science or reprinting individual cartoons, please click here for more information.

Brent Coulson (age five) drawing pictures with
Orioles' Hall of Fame third baseman Brooks Robinson.



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